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Pretty On the OUTSIDE:
a look at Courtney's loves.

After a bit of research, (ok, alot of research) I have come up with a little list of things that Courtney Love is known for and where YOU can get them!

[ Benefit Cosmetics ]

I'm going to start off the list with Courtney's signature lipstick.  This one should be a priceless bit of information for those of you who have searched all over for just that shade. 
Ruby Vibes about $14.

Next is her Nail Polish.  A chick such as Miss Love would never go for just any old silver, instead she uses
Ripe's Meteor $7.

And her hair, most Girrls with wavy/curly hair are at a constant battle of the frizzies.  Courtney's Suggestion is
Botanical Deep-Conditioning Creme Rinse
Call 1-800-643-5556 for more info.

Courtney's Published Poetry


Audio Salvation For Off-Centered Souls

Eric & his guitars

Some of the equipment both Courtney and Eric use are:

  • 68' Telecasters.  Eric is very fond of these.
  • Silvertone  an old 60's guitar made by Sears. This was the first brand of guitar Kurt Cobain & Dave Grohl ever played.
  • Fender Jaguar
  • Veleno.  Made entirely out of metal.  Gives off the pure sustain found on both "Live Through This" & "Celebrity Skin".
  • Fender Super-Sonic
  • Chet Atkins.  An old vintage purchase inspired by Kurt.
  • Gibson SG
  • Gibson Les Paul
  • Epiphone Semi-hollow
    and of course,
  • Fender Venus

This beautiful creation,
That I just so happen to own
is the

Courtney Love signature guitar.

  • The DOD Mystic Blues overdrive pedal ($70-$115).  I have personally tried out this pedal and it's Beautiful.  Thats the only word I can find to describe it.  It gives off the most poppy distortion I have ever heard.  Highly recommended.
  • Super Fuzz Big Muff fuzz pedal

  • Fender tube gear
  • Matchless
  • Ampeg.  And Melissia Auf Der Mauer will back up Ampegs 100% as her ultimate choice in bass amps as well.
  • Silvertone
  • 1976 Randall CommanderThis particular AMP used to belong to Courtney's late husband.

this pic stolen (then modified) from an anti-courtney site

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